Financial Management Today, employee benefits represent one of the largest single expenditures for most companies, second only to payroll. Managing these expenses in the face of spiraling healthcare costs is critical to the continuing profitability of every employer.

We are known for our ability to assist companies in controlling short and long-term benefit costs without sacrificing quality. Utilizing sound financial strategies, we seek creative solutions to the financial issues threatening our client's bottom line. This forms the basis for our core benefit services.
  • Benefit & Rate Analysis – the process of managing plan costs starts with a thorough analysis of the current benefit program and rating structure. We look to identify coverage deficiencies and/or overinflated rates that are preventing employers from attaining their benefit objectives. The coverage recommendations we make typically flow out of this process.
  • Annual Plan Marketing – we market every program each year to ensure that it remains competitive relative to the marketplace. The purpose of this strategy is not to change carriers annually! Instead, it is part of a broader methodology which seeks to hold carriers, at renewal time, to the same standards that existed when the employer was considered “new business“. All benefit options and funding alternatives are considered for possible implementation. We have extensive experience in guiding clients through the management of self-funded plans and the subtle intricacies of stop loss contracts.
  • Market Leverage – We possess the leverage and flexibility in the marketplace to pursue nontraditional solutions for employers, without being limited to specific insurance carriers, products or off-the-shelf programs.
  • Provider Network Analysis – A thorough examination of all in force provider networks is conducted in order to accurately gauge the overall effectiveness of the current benefit program. This analysis will investigate in and out of network utilization, discount levels and provider access. If a network is replaced, an exhaustive disruption analysis will be completed prior to implementation.
  • Claims Utilization Evaluation – Where a participating policy is being utilized, a comprehensive review of a group's claim activity and patters is conducted in order to better understand and manage those benefit components which impact a plan's experience. Particular attention is paid to those areas of potential abuse (overutilization) and any emerging shock claims. This type of analysis is best repeated every quarter.