Benefit Administration An effective administration solution which allows organizations to:
  • Significantly control and/or reduce administration and operating expenses.
  • Improve efficiency and eliminate redundancies.
  • Shift HR's emphasis back to attracting and retaining a qualified workforce.
  • Provide personal/consistent information to all employees.
  • Free up internal resources for other matters.

We always say that a company offers two benefit plans:

  1. The program they provide to their employees – the one they purchased and pay for
  2. The program the employees perceive is provided.

A company has two decisions to make with insurance programs:

  1. The best insurance programs for them.
  2. The best partner that assists them and gives them value throughout the year.

We act as your liaison and provide a direct link among your carriers, administrators, and payroll, providing these advantages:

  1. You and your providers have access to the same clean, accurate information.
  2. We ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all data transmissional provided and received.
  3. We manage the information flow, so that you can better manage all your processes.
  4. We enable your organization to remain focused on core business strategies.

Total Benefit Solution

  • Enrollment/Status Changes
  • Eligibility Maintenance
  • Electronic Interfaces
  • Health & Welfare Administration
  • Content & Communication
  • Work Site Solutions
  • Employee Self Service
  • Carrier Billing/Reporting
Professional Approach – We are truly “client-centric“ not “product centric“. When you refer me to a client I am a reflection of you therefore I will not do anything to make you look bad.
Consultative – We assess all of the client's needs with an unbiased view. We are independent professionals not tied to any one insurance carrier. I get compensated from the carrier, not the client.
Technical Expertise – Our credentials match up with any “Best in Class“ firm in the industry. We have performed trend analysis for clients to give an indication of what their renewal may be, we have provided doctor matches, we have enrolled people or fast tracked enrollments for those that have doctor appointments set up before they make a change over.
Value-added Services – Our business approach is not to simply shop the market based on price alone. We try to place our clients with the best insurance carrier with the network that best suits them.
Hidden Resource - we become an extension of our client's Human Resource department or in many cases we are the HR department.
Creativity/Flexibility – We bring a variety of products/services to the table on both an integrated and “a la carte“ basis.
Credibility – I have built my credibility one client at a time. There have been appointments that I have went on that my recommendation was not to change what they have in place.